Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pork noodles @ SS3, PJ

This used to be the place for pork noodles. The wait was expected - after all, good things comes to those who wait!

It was the best pork noodles at that time. It was so tasty and jammed packed with pork - pork liver, minced pork, pork meat, pork intestines, chee yau char! So be warned - if u're not into entrails, then avoid this like a plague.

But the last few times i was there, i found the food to be a little cold - not as hot as i would like it to be. And in recent times, i've discovered another place - IMHO, a place which serves better pork noodles! More about that when i get pics of it - but still, this one at SS3 is still pretty good.

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